Posted on 2/13/14  


Here is more from Lolenzo Poe, the Chief Equity Officer, and keeping it real with alternative education contracts.


Self Enhancement has a ten month (9/1/13-6/30/14) contract for $830,000 at Jefferson to “provide support and advocacy services, and programs to assist in raising achievement, on time grade level promotion and high school graduation rate”. 


Jefferson has enrollment numbers of ~400 students.  This means SEI and Tony Hopson are getting ~$2,000 per student  to provide some needed services.  Given the long period of time that this has been going on, where are the positive results and why do the parents of ALL our students allow this to continue year after year after year?


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  1. Barbara Schramm says:

    How can we repeal the education bond issue? My property tax is running me out of my condo home. This is an unfair burden on homeowners. I didn’t vote for this bond issue because I think it’s throwing money down a hole. Something needs to be done, academically, to improve our graduation rate. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Look at what other cities and districts are doing. I’m really angry that this bond issue passed. I don’t have PERS, any other windfall retirement, or a trust fund. What can be done about this? Thanks, Barbara

  2. admin says:

    Wish I had a solution for you. It may get even worse as PPS intends to come back for approval of another bond in 2016. The plan is to ask for $377 Million at that time. This means these two bonds will overlap until the first expires, when the first bond expires they hope to pass a third bond at that time. Most people have reported tax increases this year in the range of 15-16%. This is not due entirely to the PPS bond, remember the library funding plays in here as well.
    Other groups (such as Portland Parents Coalition)are also doing their best to bring about changes. The two newest members to the school board are asking tough questions. PPS needs to address target enrollments, figure out which schools are really surplus, and how to engage students to want to stay in school, learn job skills to know what they are going to do AFTER graduation.
    The question I keep asking myself is how much am I willing to pay to stay in a place that asks for more and provides less. All of us deserve a good education and so far PPS is failing.

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