PPS Advertising on OPB

Why is PPS Advertising on Oregon Public Broadcasting?

Ask yourself a couple of questions before and after reading:

In the middle of a year when PPS is facing a $17 million shortfall, how does advertising on Oregon Public Broadcasting using public funds help improve each student’s academic achievement or graduation rate?

Currently Portland Public Schools has a “small” contract with Oregon Public Broadcasting for a total of 33 advertising spots called a “drive time package”.  The cost is not quite $5000 and is a one month term.  PPS has a thing about throwing around $5000 at a time, see below. 

 During the failed bond campaign of May 2011, PPS misappropriated $5000 in ViDA funds.  ViDA is a collaborative partnership made up of groups like KEX, the Oregon Lions, Blazers, the Creston Dental Group and Walmart.  These groups contribute funds to pay for needed vision, dental and hearing needs of PPS students whose families cannot afford these services.  http://www.pps.k12.or.us/vida/5602.htm

PPS used $5,000 in donated funds from ViDA to pay for a glossy brochure that was mailed out during the campaign to support a yes vote on the 2011 Construction Bond.     The Secretary of State found that this was one of many PPS actions that did not comply with state election rules and some PPS administrators were fined for the infractions. You can read about the Secretary’s findings here:

SOS Ruling against PPS

ViDA funds were just one of many actions not in compliance. PPS had some interesting ways to spend their money during this bond campaign.  See the following.

 Response to Teresa McGuire Public Records Request on 2011 Bond Campaign


How many more of these irresponsible spending habits will we see during the rebuilds  at Franklin, Roosevelt, Grant and Faubion when PPS has ALMOST one half of a billion dollars to manage?

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